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Designer Europe started designing, producing and distributing fashion jewellery in gold plated brass and silver.

The company rapidly established itself on the European market as an efficient and reliable supplier with long term partnerships. Designer Europe sells to industry professionals, jewellery retail chains, independant jewellers and brands. Finished and semi-finished parts in stainless steel are also supplied to high end gold manufacturers combining both metals into new jewellery concepts.

Design strategy - We keep it simple and focused, blending classic lines with the latest fashion trends. This means customers can enjoy trendy, easy-to-wear jewellery that doesn’t go out of style. A considerable advantage when optimising inventory.


Stainless steel emerged as a new metal in the jewellery sector.

Designer Europe actively became involved in this exciting new trend with a particular focus on stainless steel jewellery for women, using the highest surgical allergy-free 316L quality steel. To this date, women’s stainless steel jewellery continues to represent the majority of Designer Europe’s sales, with silver jewellery and men’s stainless steel jewellery accounting for the rest.


Designer Europe expanded its services to independant jewellery retailers with a new premium stainless steel jewellery brand, Capricci®.

A sophisticated collection with eye catching pieces and a multi-coloured mix & match ring concept, visible on www.capricci.com.


The current business environment has hightened the necessity to increase revenue and reduce expenses.

In short, spending more time on clients and less on product. And that's precisely where Designer Europe can help you.

As a small, quality driven team with over 20 years expertise in jewellery design and supply, we are passionate about our work, placing your success at the centre of our priorities.